100% clean is 100% possible

Meet the people coming together to protect what makes the PNW special.


Clean is closer than you think

Let’s use clean energy to power the Pacific Northwest and
reinvigorate our communities with jobs and a healthy future.

We're Building to 100% Clean by 2050

% of electricity consumed from renewable energy source
Source: Washington State Department of Commerce / Oregon Department of Energy

The foundation for going to 100% Clean is moving to a 100% fossil-free electricity grid. Washington and Oregon are blessed with abundant clean, renewable energy resources. This offers us the opportunity to become global leaders in developing the clean energy-based economy of the future, with cleaner air and water, improved health, and new opportunities to attract strong jobs and industry.

Clean in Your Community

Washington electric vehicle owners benefit from the cheap and clean energy that costs an average of 8 cents per KW hour. That is by far the cheapest in the nation.

In the PNW, solar accounts for over 8,000 jobs and 317 employers. (seia.org)

Energy efficiency jobs are the #1 source of employment in the clean energy economy.

Wind power is a huge part of getting the electricity grid to 100% clean in the PNW.

In 2016, wind power accounted for 12.1% of the electricity generated in Oregon and 7.1% generated in Washington.

"You are looking at a little over 44,000 solar panels over 87 acres. We believe this is the future of good business and clean energy in the Pacific Northwest," said Larry Henry, Construction Manager for Saturn Power, at the Tumbleweed Solar Farm just outside Bend.

King County Metro released 11 all-electric buses to its fleet. The buses have zero emissions and charge in just 10 minutes.

Our Mission

The Pacific Northwest is our home. We care about this place and do our part to protect it for future generations. We only use what we need, we build things to last, and we work together to protect our environment from all forms of pollution.

That’s why we’re a leader in clean, renewable energy—and energy efficiency. Our region’s commonsense approach and entrepreneurial spirit means we have some of the lowest-carbon and most affordable power in the nation.

100% Clean for PNW is about making a rapid, just, and complete transition to a renewable, low-carbon economy. It’s about leaving our home better than we found it.

WHAT DOES 100% CLEAN look like?

Fossil-free power grid

The foundation of 100% Clean is a fossil-free electricity grid. That means every time you use energy, it will be coming from local, renewable sources.

Electrified infrastructure

At the same time, we need to electrify just about everything we can—shifting transportation and building systems towards clean and efficient energy.


By building and supporting a clean and efficient energy grid and infrastructure, we’ll create well-paying and permanent jobs in the PNW.

We Could be First

The PNW can be the first states in the continental U.S. to pledge to go 100% Clean by 2050. We’re already halfway there. We can be a leader in sustainability while strengthening our economy.

Do Something Now

Clean Home

Small changes can have a big impact.

  • Talk about 100% clean. 
  • Cut your energy costs and use with energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Ask your utility to go 100% clean.
  • Consider making your next car electric.
  • Share this site.

Clean Community

100% clean will revitalize our local neighborhoods.

  • Encourage local businesses to support 100% clean.
  • Ask your city or county council to pass a 100% clean resolution.  
  • Call your transit agency to electrify public transportation.
  • Ask your community group or faith organization to add the 100% badge to their website.

Clean State

Accelerate change through policy, political, and social action.

  • Sign our 100% pledge and ask others to do the same.
  • Contact your state legislators to support a 100% clean PNW (OR, WA).
  • Vote for clean energy and climate champions.
  • Share with your social networks why you’re #100forPNW.

Take The 100% Pledge

Oregon and Washington have a history of innovation that fosters leadership and thrives on strong partnerships.  We are going to power our lives and our communities with 100% clean energy. We pledge to support making a rapid, just, and complete transition to a renewable, low-carbon economy in the Pacific Northwest.

100% means:
  • Electrifying as many energy uses as possible.
  • Clean and affordable transportation, including electric mass transit.
  • Clean, efficient energy powering our lives.
  • Homegrown and local jobs in the clean energy economy.
  • Lower utility bills.
  • Healthy air and vibrant communities.
  • Freedom from fossil fuels.

Share Why You’re #100forpnw