Oregon needs clean energy

Right now in Oregon

Right now in Oregon, we need to cut our climate pollution, put a price on carbon and use the proceeds to invest in clean energy solutions, increase the adoption of commercial and personal zero-emission electric vehicles, develop clean public transit infrastructure, and support the communities most affected by climate change.

Fossil-free electricity

A clean electric grid will play an increasingly important role in making sure Oregon reduces our global warming pollution. As we transition more of our transportation and building sector from fossil fuels to the grid, we will ensure that our homes and vehicles are powered by clean and renewable electricity.

Reducing pollution

Making big polluters pay for clean energy investments is an effective strategy for fueling investment in sustainable power sources while hastening industry transitions away from dirty processes. The Clean Energy Jobs bill integrates the lessons learned from other cap-and-invest systems to ensure that rural, Tribal, and other historically-underserved communities receive an equitable share of clean energy investments and other economic benefits, while also reducing pollution and increasing quality of life overall.

Clean transportation

Pollution from gasoline and diesel vehicles is responsible for 40% of our climate pollution in Oregon. It is also the largest source of air pollution, which health professionals link directly to asthma, lung cancer, and other respiratory diseases. Lower income communities and communities of color who are often closer to major transportation corridors are even more impacted. We can reduce these harms and support our regional economy by doubling our existing Clean Fuels Standard, which would allow more Oregonians to choose less-polluting fuels.

Developing clean public transit infrastructure is an essential component to meeting our climate pollution reduction goals. To ensure mass acceptance, public transit systems must go where community members are and be clean, affordable, safe, and accessible.